Feng Shui: The New Trend in Interior Design

Red flower in clear glass vase.

Come learn the art of Feng Shui! Learn all about the different elements, colors designs, and meanings for all the things you can do to bring positive chi and clutter free peace to your home. If you feel like you’re home is too cluttered and hectic, give Feng Shui a try for a brand new, soothing atmosphere. Enjoy the positive energy, the quiet, the clutter free design, and the peace that really is possible to have in a home.

Book-Inspired Reading Table

Living-room with coffee table.

If you’re needing a new yet simple and space effective side table, make your own with a stack of hard cover books. This easy idea is efficient and affordable with its easy-to-understand instructions and creative results. You will love how unique your side table looks. Give this unique idea a try with thrift books or books that you no longer read. Paint it the color you desire, and you will want to keep this table forever.

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Make your Own Window Shades

Two chairs sitting on porch of yellow house.

If your windows are looking dull, and the rooms in your home in desperate need of some color and/or design, then this is completely perfect for you. With the easy-tounderstand instructions, simple procedures, and stunning result, you will be charmed over how great your blinds can look. There is nothing more exciting than adding pops and dashes of color. You will immediately notice the change, and the thrill every time you look at your blinds.

Cleaning Chart

Concerned woman wearing yellow gloves washing counter-top.

Are you ready for a new way to clean that is not only organized but effective and enjoyable as well? We have great ideas for check-off lists and reminders to make the bed, especially if you just have five minutes as you’re running out the door. You will love how easy to read and effective the charts are as you transform your home into a place of organization and cleanliness.